coming home

Last week I was on Prince Edward Island on retreat.  This was the first of the new Bioenergetics Summer Retreat program, following up on the 24 year run that Rosalind McVicar and Bethany Doyle, certified bioenergetic therapists from the Maritimes, had created.  For me, it was quite a new experience, as I was there in the capacity of therapist rather than participant.

One part of the new programming included Valerie Anderson’s offering of Mindful Movements, drawn from the work of Thich Nhat Hanh.  Valerie is a psychologist from Newfoundland, currently living in Brampton, Ontario.    In addition to offering bioenergetics, she is skillful in helping people move into mindfulness.  One of her reminders was about breathing;   coming home to the breath.   We sat to cultivate mindful attention, and she reminded us to think about coming home to our own breath as it moves in the body.

I love that;  when I think about coming home (“home”) to my breath, my attention goes to my heart center,  my awareness of my body increases, and I almostImage instantly can feel my way into the experience of this moment.    As I geographically came home from PEI, and emotionally came home to my house, my family, my dog, I am aware of how my overall FEELING shifted and changed.   I can have that same experience within my own body as I attend to my breath….coming home to my breath.

Coming home isn’t about changing anything.  It isn’t about working or striving.  It is more about relaxing into an awareness of the familiar.   Oh, yes, this is my breath.  I know this.   I can sit with this and just let my awareness rest lightly on it.

If I can come home to my breath, then I can be at home anywhere.

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