Psychology practice information

Who might come to therapy?

People who are experiencing life changes…maybe you?

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Sometimes we don’t know where to go with those changes.  Sometimes we change, or sometimes we want to change but don’t know how.

Bioenergetic psychotherapy can help us to connect the messages of the body (feelings, sensations, illness, stress) to the messages of the mind (thoughts, beliefs, patterns of behaviour).  By increasing self-awareness, we can develop the capacity to choose how we are going to live, rather than being stuck in defensive ways of reacting to the world.

Therapy for people who want more out of life

In my practice, I offer individual therapy for adults who want to experience more..more feeling, more satisfying relationships, more confidence and comfort, and maybe even more fun!  If you suffer from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, problems with reproductive issues, trouble relating to people, or struggles with boundaries, individual therapy can help.     We also have small group offerings from time to time, and weekend-long workshops for people who are ready for an in-depth experience.

Therapy helps change us from the inside out

Body-oriented psychotherapy helps us to become more aware and tolerant of our own emotions, helps us to set healthy boundaries for ourselves,  facilitates relaxation and stress-resilience, become increasingly conscious of our sense of being centered, grounded, and whole, and to self-regulate.   Body-oriented psychotherapy does not ignore the mind:  through mindfulness practices, we become aware of thinking and how our thinking affects our bodies and emotions.  We explore ways to work with the mind to best use it as a resource.   We acknowledge the mutuality of the mind and the body in the creation of the self.  We respect our own subjective experiences and the experiences of other people.

What does a session look like?

A bioenergetic session involves talk and movement and connection between the therapist and the client.   You may talk about what is going on, and I’ll ask you to connect your story to feelings and sensations in your body.   We will probably explore your breathing and how much enjoyment you get out of your life.  You may say something about a feeling and I may ask you to show me how your body would like to express that feeling.   I have lots of tools to help with expression, and in the bioenergetic therapy office you’ll find a permission and freedom to express yourself that you might not have experienced before.

Our comfortable waiting area
Our comfortable waiting area

Sessions last fifty minutes and are available by appointment.

 The fee for a one-hour session is $150.00, payable by cheque or cash at the time of the visit, or by email.

Bioenergetic therapy is psychotherapy, delivered by a licensed psychologist. If you have insurance coverage for psychological services, your insurance may reimburse you. I’ll provide you with the appropriate receipt.

The office is a private, quiet place in a residential neighborhood.  Please call for directions.

 To make an appointment, please phone me at 506 206 2667.

The therapy room
The therapy room

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