About this blog

I’m Leslie Ann Costello, psychologist and certified bioenergetic therapist.  This blog is my way of putting some information about my work out into the world.  I am glad you found me, and I hope you find something useful here.  I welcome your comments and sharing of information.

My office is located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.  Fredericton is the provincial capital of New Brunswick, the Maritime province that borders the state of Maine.  I grew up in Maine, never ever thinking that I’d ever live in Canada, but here I am and I am liking it!

I offer individual counseling and psychotherapy in my practice, as well as an occasional bioenergetic group or bioenergetic bodywork class.

I often welcome new clients into my practice.   I am happy to work with people who have depression, anxiety, relationship confusion, reproductive issues, or just want to have more life in their lives.

 506 206 2667.

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