Thinking about summer…..summer retreat dreaming….

Morning lupins


Well, the weather outside isn’t quite as frightful today as it was yesterday, with a huge, slow-moving blizzard bearing down on us.  It feels more manageable today:  clients are able to get to the office, I can imagine getting the car out of the driveway (thanks entirely to the efforts of the man of the house….many thanks….), and even though we have massive snowbanks, the sun is planning to shine.  I am almost sure.

But thinking about summer does help me to get through this, and particularly thinking about our upcoming Summer Retreat.  This year we are doing something new.  We have located in New Brunswick, on the Bay of Fundy, for our time together.  We’ll be retreating at the Villa Madonna in Rothesay, NB, for five nights in July.  July is typically our most summery month (by August we are getting out the light sweaters again, honest!).  So the time near the water, with beautiful trees and lovely grounds for walking should be a great opportunity for self-reflection and renewal.


You can get the flyer and registration information on the Summer Retreat page (see the top of this page).  Let us know if you have questions.   Remember, too, folks in the US, that your dollar goes a LONG, LONG way in Canada right now.   And the retreat is structured to end on a Thursday at mid-day, which means there is time to explore the beautiful Maritimes as a tourist, if you are so inclined.

See you in the summer!

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