Popsicle Days

Here is a picture of my new “therapeutic” intervention.

Popsicle money


Yes, it is popsicle money.   I have been carrying popsicle money around with me all summer.  I have spent some hours on the bike path, either on the bike or running (or walking) and carrying my popsicle money with me, just in case I was in a place that had popsicles when I wanted a popsicle.

You may need to know that popsicles are not a regular thing with me.  In fact, they are pretty far off my usual list of foods to eat, and they certainly don’t instill any health benefits.   However, there is an opportunity for pleasure and even fun with those icy treats on a hot day when I have been exercising.  And so my quest for the pleasurable popsicle.

I tried to get one and had to settle for something similar one hot weekend day three miles into a four mile run.   Whatever that concoction of water, sugar and flavour was, it hit the spot.   It was thoroughly enjoyable and I made the very most of it.


So I am sharing this idea, and in the therapy office, I have put out a tiny bowl full of change for popsicles, along with a sign to encourage people to plan to have some fun, plan for pleasure….plan for a popsicle.  Be prepared because you don’t know when the opportunity might arise to indulge and really, deeply enjoy.
Happy summer!  Happy popsicle days!

4 thoughts on “Popsicle Days”

  1. Wish they would make sugar-free popsicles!!! I tried to make some “healthier” (meaning less sugar) ones here, using water and crystal light. Doesn’t taste the same as a real popsicles, but it’s a good way to cool off :-).

  2. I love this idea! It brings back memories of my kid’s when they were small. They loved popsicles but not just any popsicle, it had to be the jumbo one’s that would always melt down their shirt before they manged to eat the entire thing. lol Good times.

    1. When I was a kid, my younger sister and I would split one of those two-sided popsicles. I didn’t know until I was a teenager that anyone could ever eat a whole popsicle. Even now, my preference is for the single style….it fits better in the mouth! I am still seeking a great popsicle for this summer.

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