Being and becoming

Being me sounds static.  It sounds like something that simply makes perfect sense, and in a way, of course it does.   How can I possibly be anything or anyone other than me?  I am ME, whoever or whatever that is.    So whatever I try, whatever I am striving for or seeking or yearning towards, well, that’s just ME striving, seeking or yearning.  I am always and forever ME.

As I said, whoever or whatever THAT is.

But what of all that striving and seeking and yearning?   Is that about being or is it more about a change process, one in which the ME that I am is pushing out of its boundaries to become something…..else.   (Notice I didn’t say better, bigger, cooler or more fun….just…something else.)

Or is all that activity about being less-than-satisfied with the ME that I am?  Hmm….something to ponder….as I sit and practice just BEING.  Being ME.

Whoever or whatever.   Me without striving, me without seeking, me without yearning.  Me without thinking.


3 thoughts on “Being and becoming”

  1. It seems to be difficult to be “ME” when there are people around who makes me feel I could be better than I’m actually am. Could being ME mean “what I want”?

    1. I like that, Roxanne! Sometimes being yourself means KNOWING what you want. And I suggest watching out for the idea of “being better than I actually am.” It is fine to want to do better, be kinder, more wise, have more compassion, whatever. But not so great to be more self-critical!

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