Sunday morning


Ice Texture 1033

A glance out the window, and suddenly what appeared to be a day of diffuse sunshine includes a shower of sparks floating earthward.  Flakes?  Or drops? Source unknown, their abrupt appearance and shimmering brilliance call to me.

The sight grabs my attention, stops my breath,and draws me out of my reverie.  What IS this?  What is this amazing world we live in?

A moment later, the flurries have passed, and I drop back into my dark pool.  But something has changed for me here, and the darkness carries a hint of possibility.

What can you notice today that reminds you to be present?

5 thoughts on “Sunday morning”

  1. Well…this morning, i didn’t really wanted to get out of bed….but when I saw how bright it was outside, it changed my attitude. I want to get out and enjoy the sun :-). Maybe hear some birds singing too!

  2. Yeah, we may be ahead of the calendar for birds singing….LOL, but for a moment, it was just nice to think about it. It kind of made me feel better and gave me the strenght to try to do something today (instead of doing nothing)…I’ll try to go for a mindful walk and get the darkness out of me!

    1. Hi, Roxanne, I noticed that too. I managed to get out for a little run in the afternoon and there was a yard full of birds. Likely full of bird feeders, too, but they were making a lovely sound. I guess you got out too, so good for you!

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