Happy Friday…how to have a happy day everyday

candles burning

Early morning, hot tea in hand

Candles on the table burning bright

Steam rises, candle flame flickers

Sighing, I feel the comfort of Friday

Happy every day….that’s what we want.  We want it all the time, every single day.  But happy doesn’t come in big swathes like that, not usually.   Happy usually shows up in moments…just a tiny moment in time, and if you are not paying attention, you can miss it.

See what moments of happy might be available to you today.   Slow down, take a breath, look around you and see what is really there.  Then look within you, and notice what is really there, right now, right THIS minute.   Who knows what you’ll find?  Maybe you’ll even find ….happy.


4 thoughts on “Happy Friday…how to have a happy day everyday”

    1. Only you would use the “pebbles” reference! Thanks for trying to like it….that sounds funny. Do you remember life before FaceBook? Our language has even changed.

      I have been working the small stones a bit but time is always hard to find. Even five minutes, silly as that sounds.

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