Descartes was wrong.

That’s it.  That’s all I have to say.  He blew it big time with his assertion about thought and existence.

You don’t exist because you think.

You think because you are currently housed in a body.  Or, if you like, because you ARE a body.  Your body, through complex and intricate biochemical and electrical processes, feedback loops, and messenger systems, your BODY creates the opportunity for thoughts.

And when you think about thoughts as just that, as a perceptual process that is trying to make sense of an orchestra of bits of chemical, mechanical, and electrical energy, well, then, isn’t it hard to take your thoughts so seriously?

Just sayin’.

And if you want to know more (like a LOT more), see Antonio Damasio’s books:  Descartes’ Error and The Feeling of What Happens.

My friend and colleague, Melissa Arsenau, gave me a great refrigerator magnet.  It says, “Don’t believe everything you think.”  Good advice!   Just a thought!

2 thoughts on “Descartes was wrong.”

  1. Hey Leslie,
    I just read some of your blogs … Good stuff! You are a very good writer and the readings are easy to understand too … I like that. Have a good day!

    1. Thanks, Lynn! I like reading and I like writing, and this way I figure I can share some of what I have learned both by reading and through experience. I appreciate comments, too (so thank you!!!)

      You can subscribe to the blog by clicking on the “follow” tab….I only post a couple of times a week so I won’t be filling up your inbox, promise!

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